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Lest You be Deceived    $28.00
A reference Book
This book lists all End-Times Scriptures under the sequential phase heading for the specific portion or chronological event to which each text itself suggests it applies in the time frame the Bible describes as the "Time of the End" or "The Last Days."

Commandments of Jesus    $20.00
A reference book
This book lists all the New Testament Commandments in their topical order showing the Scriptural address in which they are found.

Laws of the Old Testament    $20.00
A reference book
Like the "Commandments of Jesus," the "Laws of the Old Testament" lists all the Laws of the Old Testament in order, under their topical heading with the Scriptural address in which they are found.

These two books make it easy to compare the COMMANDMENTS of the New Covenant with the LAWS of the Old Covenant.  It is interesting to discover that God hasn't changed how He views human behavior.
Passover Haggadah     $15.00
A presentation of the Passover of the Jews from a Christian standpoint, and following the typical Jewish flow and sequence, but putting it in the context of the Last Supper of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before His crucifixion.  Here you see clearly what is the significance of the "Lamb of God," the "Sop" which Jesus gave to Judas, the timing of the departure of Judas from the feast, the significance of the bread and cup Jesus chose to use as the reminder of His death that we celebrate in what is known as our time of "Communion" around the "Lord's Table."

Tabernacle in the Wilderness    $25.00
A study showing that the construction of the "Tabernacle in the Wilderness" was a revelation of Jesus Christ and spoke symbolically of His nature, revealing much about the God of Creation.

Bible Names    $25.00
Takes all the names found in the Bible, shows their first occurrence, as well as the meaning of the name itself.  This includes all the various names of God found in the Hebrew text and their meaning.

May the Almighty God of Creation guide you by His Holy Spirit as you seek Him with all your heart in studying His precious Word, the Bible