The struggle that comes from the Atheists in America as they resent public expressions of faith in God, since the attack on the World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 that stirred a groundswell of remarks in government circles about God, and the sudden expression of patriotism and "God bless America" statements by so many citizens of America.


We have for so many years bowed to their feelings of antagonism against any public expression of our faith, but now that the Attack has come and Christians are freely expressing their faith, the hate toward God is coming out in force.


I say to the Atheists, that as they have for so long felt compelled to demand that we as Christians must quietly show great tolerance and respect for their expressions of their religious belief that there is no God, so now I ask them to show the same quiet tolerance for our right to express our religious belief that there is a God.


To the Atheist, Now also is a good time to suggest that you might reconsider your position of belief. Reexamine the evidence, and reconsider the risk pertaining to the end result.


Just looking at it from a gambler's standpoint, it makes sense to consider the subject worthy of careful evaluation.


For instance, If you are right and there is no God, then the risk for myself is minimal.

     My life has been a very good life full of Love in my heart, Peace in my spirit, Joy in my soul, Contentment in my station in life, Loving relationship in my family life, Praise toward God, Hope for a bright future eternal life experience, and Confidence that it is all worth while, both in the good life experiences and the bad life experiences, knowing that God has said that "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

     If I die and there is no God, then the only thing that I loose is life itself, and I will be nonexistent and will be aware of nothing at all, since I will be dead and that is the end of the matter.


On the other hand, if you are wrong and I am right, and there really is a God Who has revealed Himself to mankind throughout the ages giving evidence after evidence of His existence, revealing His will for mankind, and expressing His intentions toward us for the present and for all eternity, and showing us the eternal destiny He has established.

     Then there is certainly a just cause for me to call your attention to the fact that it is certainly wise to consider the evidence, and the risk toward the destiny of your eternal soul.

     Your position is precarious at best, and I can understand why you are troubled by the Christians reference to God since you don't know Him.


What evidence do you have that has convinced you beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is no God? You need to be absolutely certain, because the cost is too great to risk being wrong.


There is a Heaven to gain in hope, and a Hell to shun in fear. In His great love for you, God has revealed the truth of the matter to all of mankind in creation and it is recorded in His Word the Bible.


God not only told us the truth of the matter, but He also provided the answer for our problem in our lack of knowledge and unbelief. He has solved the dilemma in which we find ourselves in this life which includes the penalty for our sins. He Himself has made it possible to do what is impossible for any of us to do, and that is the undoing of our errors and sins. That answer is provided to us in the person of Jesus Christ Who died and provided the blood that God uses to cover our sins and to impute His righteousness to the record of our lives. That gives us hope and confidence to stand before Him on the Day of Judgment that will precede the time of Peace on Earth and the Glorious Eternity in His presence.


The advantages of being a Christian are too compelling to ignore and well worth looking into. Then you too may find peace of mind and peace with the world around you. Then others expression of their beliefs will not be troubling to you because you will understand where it comes from and where it is taking them in the end. You will also see the need to share your faith with others so they may also find the same good life and confident peace of spirit no matter what comes their way. It is nice to have fellowship in the community with others of like precious faith.